SCA Month

October is sudden cardiac arrest awareness month. Those that are CPR/AED should share the importance to others in hopes of stimulating them to prepare themselves to intervene if the situation arises. Please pass on the following link


AED's are extremely effective in the presence of someone in sudden cardiac arrest. For this reason, companies need to consider investing in a product that has been found to enhance a cardiac arrest victims chances of survival. I'm happy to report that the idea is catching on, this initiative is well worth the investment.

CPR/AED Training

Currently working with a large automotive dealership to deliver CPR/AED training to several of their employees. Excited to see companies taking steps to keep their employees and customers safer.

CPR/AED Training

10 more people certified as an CPR/AED Provider. The community of Rock Creek in South Florida now has their management and maintenance staff educated to intervene if presented with someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest! Thanks for being a proactive community!!!!!!!!

Importance of an AED

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is the only piece of equipment a layperson has at their disposal that can actually be used to "start" the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest. Most adults that are found in cardiac arrest in most cases are in ventricular fibrillation within the first couple minutes into the... Continue Reading →

The Answer To Saving Lives Is The Community!

With over thirty years of experience in the Fire/EMS industry I’ve witnessed a considerable amount of tragedy. One illness that accounts for a significant amount of deaths and remains the number one killer in the industrialized world has been, and continues to be sudden cardiac arrest.  Someone subjected to cardiac arrest has approximately a 50%... Continue Reading →

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