The Answer To Saving Lives Is The Community!

With over thirty years of experience in the Fire/EMS industry I’ve witnessed a considerable amount of tragedy. One illness that accounts for a significant amount of deaths and remains the number one killer in the industrialized world has been, and continues to be sudden cardiac arrest.  Someone subjected to cardiac arrest has approximately a 50% chance of survival after 5 minutes with no CPR/AED. For every minute thereafter that number is reduced by 10% leaving someone suffering from cardiac arrest virtually no chance of survival after 10 minutes.

The challenge for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is their response times.  On average, EMS takes 6 minutes to arrive on scene of an emergency. When traffic and other environmental conditions hinder their response delays to EMS’s arrival can be significant. This being said, the layperson and/or workforce must be trained and prepared to “act” in situations where someone, possibly even a loved one is presented with this deadly illness. The community is the answer!


3 thoughts on “The Answer To Saving Lives Is The Community!

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  1. What a great post! I never realized how important it is, to know CPR. How can I set up a training class for CPR? Thanks.


  2. This is so interesting!! As a small business owner myself, I never realized the imporance of learning CPR as well as the use of an AED. Always thought it was only for those in the medical field. This would help me both personally & proffessionally. You brought up alot of intersting data. I will definetly be contacting you to set up a class for myself as well as my employees and friends. Thank you!!


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